QUIC is a future transport protocol based on UDP. Incorporating learnings from TCP and HTTP/2, among others.

QUIC is in active development as a set of standards, under the IETF QUIC WG.


quic.stream is intended to be a home for publicly-accesible QUIC experiments.

quic.stream is not officially connected to the QUIC WG, any implementations of QUIC or any other parties.

Can I talk QUIC right now?

Test method: click the button below to test QUIC connectivity. This makes a simple HEAD request using the Fetch API.

Explanation: Detecting QUIC usage at the app level is not so simple, due to the way QUIC and Alt-Svc work together. There is a W3 effort to expose protocol information by means of the Resource Timing attribute nextHopProtocol. However, implementations are not fully mature support.Firefox and Chrome have support but other browsers are out of luck altogether.

Can I talk IETF QUIC to quic.stream?

The quic.stream website is not hosted on an IETF QUIC capable server. It only supports Google's early version of QUIC (specifically version 39).

Check out the IETF QUIC endpoints experiment for some more limited demos.


This section collects different experiments. Right now there are not many!


Test QUIC over IPv6 by visiting ipv6.quic.stream

QUIC smoke test

Smoke test your QUIC connectivity with a simple HEAD request by visiting quic.stream/smoke-test.html

IETF QUIC endpoints

Endpoints hosted on quic.stream that are capable of talking IETF QUIC

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